In addition to licensing and support of its standard products, ILLICO undertakes custom design projects in the telecommunications area.


The ILLICO partners have more than 40 years combined experience in the design and programming of DSP based telecom products. We offer the following services on a per-hour consulting basis or under fixed price development contracts as appropriate.

  • Consultation for product planning and definition.
  • Signal processing algorithm development.
  • Assembly language or 'C' programming of commercial or proprietary DSP processors.
  • Translation of ILLICO's standard software products to any proprietary platform.

At our offices in Palo Alto, California we have the following resources available.

  • DSP software development tools for T.I., Motorola, and NEC processors. These tools include assemblers, linkers, simulators, and 'C' compilers.
  • DSP hardware development platforms including custom designed and commercial boards.
  • A fully equipped development laboratory including the T.A.S. Network Emulator, spectrum analyzers, in-circuit emulators, signal generators, storage scopes, etc.
  • ILLICO's telecom algorithm software library representing over 20 man-years of DSP code development. This includes FAX modem, data modem, MF and DTMF detectors, and voice line signal classifiers.
  • Digital filter design tools including Altanta Signal Processors DFDP product.

Meet the Partners

Before co-founding ILLICO in 1990, Stevan Bradley had over 20 years of experience with the Silicon Valley communications firms GTE Lenkurt, Racal-Vadic, and Tektronix-LP Com. In these product development positions he was active in the design of T-carrier, digital radio, voiceband modems, and DSP-based instrumentation for analog line testing.

At ILLICO he is responsible for digital signal processing architectures and algorithm development for ILLICO's standard software products. These products include FAX/ data modems and tone detectors targeted at a variety of DSP platforms the including Texas Instruments, Motorola, and NEC DSP families. All of these products were developed in highly optimized "hand coded" assembly language format.

Steve holds the following degrees: BSEE, Lehigh University; MSEE, Princeton University; Degree of Engineer, Stanford University. His graduate work emphasized communication engineering topics including digital transmission, error correcting codes, and bandwidth compression. He is the author of 8 technical papers and holds 3 U.S. patents. He has taught courses on DSP and modem design at the University of California Extension and served as Chairman of the Santa Clara Valley chapter of the IEEE Communications Society.

Lien Nguyen is a graduate of Ecole Polytechnique (Palaiseau, France) with degrees in Mathematics and Physics. She also holds a graduate degree from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications (Paris, France) with a specialization in signal theory, digital communications, integrated circuits, and computer science.

Before co-founding ILLICO in 1990, Lien was a consultant for leading Silicon Valley firms in the area of micro-controller programming and DSP coding. These assignments included modem signal processing and modem control functions such as the Hayes command set. At ILLICO Lien has been responsible for DSP coding and the design of all hardware development platforms. She also created ILLICO's 'C' language FAX and data relay control capability.

Lien is a French citizen with a permanent residency in the U.S.; she is fluent in English, French, and Italian.


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