Stevan D. Bradley
Consultant, Digital Signal Processing

Since 1985 Stevan Bradley has been active with Digital Signal Processing programming and product design to support clients in the telecommunications industry. His services are available as a consultant on a contract basis or through the licensing of available standard telecom DSP applications offered by ILLICO (


  • Signal processing algorithm and filter development:
    • QAM and FSK modulation/demodulation
    • IIR/FIR filter design, adaptive equalizers, echo cancellers, interpolation
    • Phase-lock, clock and carrier recovery
    • Viterbi processing, forward error correction
    • DSP-based telecom instrumentation (IEEE Std 743)

  • 'C' and assembler DSP programming including T.I. C3x, C5000, C6000 families.
  • Consultation for product planning and definition.
  • Licensing and support of available software application packages:
    • FAX/data relay for compressed voice systems
    • DTMF, MF signaling, tone classification
    • Modems:
      • DATA: BELL 103, BELL 212A, V.21, V.22bis, V.23, V.32bis
      • FAX: V.21, V.27ter, V.29, V.17
      • CELLULAR: Cellular text modem 3GPP TS 26.226

Our office in Palo Alto, California is equipped with the following resources.

  • DSP software development tools for T.I., Motorola, and NEC processors. These tools include assemblers, linkers, simulators, 'C' compilers, and the T.I. CCS development environment.
  • DSP hardware development platforms including custom designed and commercial boards.
  • A fully equipped development laboratory including the T.A.S. Network Emulator, spectrum analyzers, in-circuit emulators, signal generators, storage scopes, etc.
  • Library of proprietary design tools and DSP telecom applications software.

· BSEE, Lehigh University
· MSEE, Princeton University
· Degree of Engineer, Stanford University.

· Served on faculty, University of California Extension (DSP and modem design).
· Served as Chairman of the Santa Clara Valley chapter of the IEEE Communications Society
· Author of 8 technical papers and 3 U.S. patents.

Additional Background:
Before becoming an independent consultant in 1985, Stevan Bradley held advanced development positions at Silicon Valley communication firms GTE Lenkurt (T-carrier), Racal-Vadic (modem design), and LP Com (DSP based instrumentation). Since then he has aided a wide variety of companies with DSP based projects. Many of these projects are "network-side" applications requiring high performance and density (channels per processor). This density is achieved by use of advanced algorithms and by employing a 100% hand-coded assembly format.
Each project undertaken is a significant collaboration with the client beginning with the preparation of a Technical Attachment describing the features and performance of the project deliverables. This is followed by pre-delivery testing, documentation, installation support and warranty.


Stevan Bradley
765-82 San Antonio Avenue
Palo Alto, California 94301
tel: 650 493-5678