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Since 1990 ILLICO has been a leading supplier of DSP software components for the telecom industry. These components have allowed our clients to take advantage of the low system cost and flexibility afforded by multi-channel DSP designs. The wide selection of software set-up and run-time options has permitted ease of installation of ILLICO products on the hardware platforms of over twenty-five client companies. The following companies have selected ILLICO software: Ericsson, NEC, Alcatel, Toyota, Intel, Brooktrout Technology, and Dassault.

ILLICO software modems have supported a variety of products including FAX/data relay,  store-and-forward servers, and multi-channel computer/telephony cards. All offered software was created by ILLICO staff and can be customized for special client requirements.

Here are some more reasons why a broad range of telecom companies have selected ILLICO products: 

Demonstrated Performance: 

ILLICO modem products are qualified by side-by-side simultaneous testing against Rockwell FAX modem cards. The test arrangement includes the T.A.S. Telephone Network Emulator (model 182) for simulation of a full range of US and international line conditions. This test bed is available at ILLICO's offices for demonstrations or for client acceptance testing of ILLICO products. 

Two Genoa Technology FAX emulation stations are used to qualify ILLICO's FAX relay product. Each station can emulate any of 60 commercial FAX machines and cards. 


ILLICO anticipates that each client may have special requirements pertaining to the calling interface, diagnostics, memory organization, etc. All ILLICO products were created by ILLICO staff and can be customized for the client's needs. 

Project support: 

Each ILLICO project is a significant collaboration with the client beginning with the preparation of a Technical Attachment describing the features and performance of the project deliverables. This is followed by pre-delivery testing, installation support and warranty. 

Royalty-Free Licensing: 

ILLICO software product licenses are available with options for royalty-free arrangements and delivery of source code.

Here are some completed ILLICO projects:

  • For a manufacturer of network switches, ILLICO provided a mixed "C" and assembly language application to implement Cellular Text Modem standard 3GPP TS 26.226.
  • For a provider of network cards, ILLICO licensed 'C' language software to implement FAX modem standards V.21, V.27ter, V.29, and V.17. This implementation uses only fixed point math.
  • For a manufacturer of echo canceling equipment, ILLICO provided a TMS320C54x based Cellular Text Modem to provide transparency of TTY signals through wireless voice networks.
  • For a leading Telecom manufacturer, ILLICO provided TMS320C4x V.32bis modem software to support a signal analysis capability.
  • For a DSP card provider, ILLICO installed C54x FAX/data relay to support V.17 FAX and V.32bis transmission over a compressed voice satellite network
  • For a Canadian Telecom manufacturer, ILLICO provided TMS320C54x FAX modem and voice-mode FAX detection software to support FAX on frame relay networks.
  • For an Asian manufacturer, ILLICO provided V.21, V.27ter, V.29, and V.17 FAX modems for the NEC77016 Digital Signal Processor for inclusion in a FAX relay application.
  • For a ground station equipment manufacturer, ILLICO licensed its TMS320C3x FAX/data relay package to support a FAX and V.32bis transmission over a compressed voice satellite network.
  • For a Scandinavian telecom manufacturer, ILLICO licensed its TMS320C3x and C54x FAX modem products to support a FAX-over-IP product line.
  • For a South American provider of FAX cards, ILLICO licensed a special version of TMS320C54x FAX modem software to support a multi-channel FAX broadcast card (V.21 receiver plus all transmitters).
  • For a leading manufacturer of CTI FAX cards, ILLICO provided FAX modem software including V.17 for operation on a TMS320C548 based multi-channel product.
  • For a previous licensee, ILLICO provided an upgrade from TMS320C25 V.29 to a TMS320C5x combination package supporting V.29/V.17/V.32bis.
  • For a European systems firm, ILLICO supplied TMS320C44 V.29/V.17 FAX modem software.
  • For a Canadian company providing internet FAX equipment, ILLICO provided TMS320C54x FAX modem code to support multi-channel applications on one processor.
  • For a manufacturer of wireless local loop equipment, ILLICO provided a complete TMS320C5x FAX/data relay system running supporting V.29 FAX and V.22bis data.
  • For a leading network equipment manufacturer, ILLICO installed a complete FAX relay software package to provide two channels of operation on one TMS320C5x processor.
  • For a U.S. provider of network concentrators, ILLICO provided TMS320C5x software to implement the Group 3 FAX modems from V.21 to V.17 (14.4 Kb/s).
  • For a leading supplier of interactive voice response systems, ILLICO provided Motorola 56002 FAX modem code including V.17 for installation in a voice/FAX multi-channel platform.
  • For a Canadian supplier of voice multiplex systems, ILLICO provided floating point software FAX modems to support a FAX relay system. As a follow-on project ILLICO supplied MF and DTMF detectors for the same platform.
  • For a U.S. telecom manufacturer, ILLICO provided floating point V.29/V.17 FAX modem software to support a network FAX server product.
  • For a Canadian provider of satellite ground stations ILLICO installed modem and FAX Relay control software to implement FAX handling for a 16Kb/s compressed voice network. This installation also included data relay (V.22bis and V.32bis).
  • For a U.S. PBX manufacturer ILLICO provided floating point code for the Group 3 FAX modem standards including V.17/V.33. These modem modules support an advanced voice/FAX mail application.
  • For a Canadian networking company ILLICO provided Group 3 FAX modem code to upgrade an existing voice multiplex product without hardware changes.
  • For a Silicon Valley start-up ILLICO was part of the design team which created a multi-standard communications platform for CCITT modems from V.21 through V.32bis. ILLICO wrote the DSP firmware for V.32 to initiate the first product based on this platform.
  • For a Silicon Valley I.C. manufacturer ILLICO coded the DSP portion of a FAX/data modem for personal computers. Over one million of these products have been shipped.
  • For a large European systems firm ILLICO conducted a one year project to define and develop a custom FAX modem suitable for Digital Circuit Multiplication Equipment (FAX relay). This design provided an all digital interface with 64Kb/s PCM channels and allowed simultaneous operation of four independent receivers in one digital signal processor.

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